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  • Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Thee Stallion

    Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, known professionally as Megan Thee Stallion, is an American rapper. Originally from Houston, Texas, she first garnered attention when videos of her freestyling became popular on social media platforms such as Instagram. Wikipedia

  • Jimmy Song

    Jimmy Song

    Jimmy Song is a programmer with 20 years of experience, the last 4 being in Bitcoin. He’s the editor of and blogs at He’s contributed to Bitcoin Core as well as other Bitcoin projects. He was the former VP of Engineering at Armory, a Bitcoin wallet.

  • Joseph Lubin

    Joseph Lubin

    Joseph Lubin is a Canadian-American entrepreneur. He has founded and co-founded several companies including the Swiss-based EthSuisse, contributing heavily to Ethereum, the decentralized cryptocurrency platform. Lubin is founder of ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based software-production studio. Wikipedia

  • Nick Szabo – BitGold

    Nick Szabo – BitGold

    Nicholas Szabo is a computer scientist, legal scholar, and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1989 with a degree in computer science and received a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University Law School. Wikipedia

  • Andreas Antonopoulos

    Andreas Antonopoulos

    Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a British-Greek Bitcoin advocate, tech entrepreneur, and author. He is a host on the Speaking of Bitcoin podcast and a teaching fellow for the M.Sc. Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia. Wikipedia

  • Roger Ver – BCH

    Roger Ver – BCH

    Roger Keith Ver is an early investor in Bitcoin, Bitcoin-related startups and an early promoter of Bitcoin. Ver has sometimes been referred to as “Bitcoin Jesus”. Wikipedia

  • David A. Marcus – PayPal – Libra

    David A. Marcus – PayPal – Libra

    David Marcus is an American entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of Lightspark, a company extending the capabilities of Bitcoin. He was the co-creator of Diem, a cryptocurrency project initiated by Facebook. Wikipedia

  • Alex Reinhardt – Platincoin

    Alex Reinhardt – Platincoin

    He is a successful businessman, venture capitalist, economist, expert in the field of crypto technologies and startup development, as well as a business coach.

  • Charlie Lee – Litecoin

    Charlie Lee – Litecoin

    Charles Lee is a computer scientist, best known as the creator of Litecoin. He serves as the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation. As of July 2013, he also worked for Coinbase. Wikipedia

  • Brandon Chez – CoinMarketCap

    Brandon Chez – CoinMarketCap

    Brandon Chez is the creator of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency website, CoinMarketCap. Since its inception in 2013, the website has grown to become the world’s leading cryptocurrency information authority and one of the most visited websites of all time. In 2020, Brandon Chez oversaw the institution of new mechanisms for combatting industry-wide prevalence of…